"Reject The Sickness follow up their 2015 debut album β€œChains Of Solitude” with a vibrant new album. Capturing, in graphic detail, the confrontation between the band’s influences echoing both the intensity of the golden age of nineties melodic death metal as well as the ferocious brutality of the thrash metal genre. More than before, Reject The Sickness succeeded in shaping this mix of styles with a modern-day approach emphasized in the recording sound and the to-the-point song writing. This is melodic death/thrash metal that is not only inspired but also builds upon the melody of Children Of Bodom, the brutality in All Shall Perish, the gravitas of At The Gates and the technical skills of Dark Tranquillity."


Vocals/ Guy Vercruysse
Lead Guitar / Zoran Van Bellegem
Drums / Jannick Govaert
Guitar / Ruben Van der Beken
Bass / Jonas Messiaen



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