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Vocals: Guy Vercruysse
Lead Guitar: Zoran Van Bellegem
Bass: Jonas Messiaen
Guitar: Ruben Van der Beken
Drum: Jannick Govaert


reject the sickness
the new chapter

β€œIdleness is the devil’s workshop” is a proverb that Belgium’s REJECT THE SICKNESS loathes with an intensity that matches their music. The 2018 release of β€œTHE WEIGHT OF SILENCE” not only opened new doors, it also announced a time of changes. The welcoming of two new members, bassist Jonas Messiaen and lead guitarist Zoran Van Bellegem, was the most crucial one.

Secondly, REJECT THE SICKNESS tore down their trusted Clean And Dirty studio and this brand-new EP β€œTHE NEW CHAPTER” is the last ever recording in that studio. It’s symbolic for the musical content of the three new songs. With this EP, REJECT THE SICKNESS is reshaping their music and their future and like the song titles suggest; they needed to push the RESET button and DISCONNECT partially from their past.

β€œTHE NEW CHAPTER” was composed with a lot of input from Zoran Van Bellegem. While the result sounds 100% REJECT THE SICKNESS, this EP functions as a coming of age ritual during which the band shaped their distinct sound. Gone is the yoke of explaining their sound through the obligatory name throwing of bands that inspired them as well as any past associations with metalcore. The typical melody and signature tempo shifts of the early nineties melodic Swedish death metal still shine through in a select amount of sequences, yet they are no longer a purpose on to themselves. The bottom line: REJECT THE SICKNESS rebranding their sound into a lethal cocktail of death and thrash metal that endorses both efficiently located melody and a new-found dimension of aggression and grimness tightly conspiring with a deadly dynamic created through razor-sharp breaks and a bigger emphasis on speed. The result is an outspoken militant and mechanical atmosphere which easily competes with Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad without ever copying them.

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Guy Vercruysse explains why Reject The Sickness collaborates with Malika Maria for the creation of their videoclips:

β€œI met Malika 6 years ago at a party where we both were playing. Immediately I saw a connection with our music. The images she used in her video projections were psychotic, repetitive and disturbing. Observing Malika’s images, I had the same anxious feeling which I get writing lyrics for the band. We started talking and have been working together ever since. We have already performed together live and on these occasions magic rises from the ashes of despair. It’s our goal to show this cooperation all across the land!”

β€œOur lyrics are about confused and abused teenagers and all the anger and emotions that go hand in hand with that horror. As the vocalist, my job as a social worker inspires me to write fictional stories about outcast youth and how they get back at society and at their molesters. When a human being is in pain or distress, his or her thoughts are often chaotic and thought patterns go haywire. Yet, most of the time, actions and retributions stay limited to the imagination because the victim is too weak, too sad or simply too disconnected from society.”

Malika Maria at wOrk about her work as a VJ and an artist:

β€œIn the end we’re all just animals. Intrigued by the dark feelings harboured by human beings, I lay bare the obsessions and addictions that we all carry inside. We watch horror movies yet there’s really no need as the world and the reality that surrounds us all too often exceeds the cruelty of such movies. Consequently, I ask myself how far I can push the limit of the atrocities portrayed in my work as a video artist and how much is my audience willing to undergo. In my quest to answer these questions, I’m guided by my firm convictions: artists never die; madness is female and art should be everything while in the end it is nothing.”

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The New Chapter


Guy Vercruysse and Zoran Van Bellegem

Mixed and Mastered/
Black Moon Mixing by Nico Bammens.

Cover artwork: Bram Bruyneel
Cover artwork color: K Van Reybroeck

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